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Perfect for defining where differing landscape surfaces meet

With one of the most comprehensive selections of commercial landscape edging in the industry, ExcelEdge is a top choice among architects, specifiers and landscape contractors.

However, with such a choice, we know it can be hard to know which product you need for your landscape. So, to give you a helping hand we’ve developed this handy guide.

Choose your landscape surfaces and type of project, and we’ll tell you which edging you need.

Then have a chat with one of our technical specialists to work out the finer details. By that we mean the fun bits. The powder-coating colour, the bespoke design, the height requirements… As well as, of course, the technical details – CAD drawings, data sheets and product advice.

The Edging Book

Full of great ideas and inspiration, along with detailed product information for our entire ExcelEdge product range.

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Everyone in the Kinley team is committed to the provision of service and support for specifiers, customers and contractors from initial enquiry, through speedy delivery, to final completion of the project. Throughout Europe, and further afield, our logistics connections make fast deliveries, usually from stock, to avoid on-site delays.

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Interactive Edging Selector

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Although there is always more than one option, the interactive edging selector can help direct you to the correct edging solution for your needs.

Our downloadable Edging Book shows the customisable options on most of our products. If you’re still not too sure after looking through it, then please contact us via the links below.

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The ultimate commercial landscape edging for hard surfaces, AluExcel is made from 100% recycled aluminium and is known for its flexible but tough design. AluExcel is suitable for use in such a wide range of landscape projects and is our most versatile edging system.

One point, the grade of Aluminium we use in AluExcel is high in comparison to some competitors. This enables our AluExcel to be installed next to hot tarmac without it buckling.

For an even more environmentally friendly option, AluExcel’s dry fix installation process means there’s no need for concrete. It can be powder-coated to any RAL colour, and it’s available in heights of 18mm-150mm – giving you the biggest choice of profile heights in the industry.

Clean grass

Perfect, sharp, soft/hard landscape edging, with no grass die-back

Works with everything

Whether it’s asphalt, gravel, blocks, bricks or slabs – AluExcel works with it all

Easy installation

With a team of only 2 people, AluExcel can be installed at a rate of 30-40 metres per hour

Flexible and colourful

AluExcel is available in a huge range of profile heights and can be powder-coated to any RAL colour


AluExcel can be installed over a compacted MOT Type 1 sub-base or a similar material


  • Create clean curved or straight lines
  • Fast, simple installation saves time and money
  • Strong durable alloy won’t rust
  • Recycled aluminium is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Made from high-grade aluminium, meaning AluExcel won’t buckle next to hot tarmac

Use it with:

  • Asphalt
  • Blocks and pavers
  • Imprinted & plain concrete
  • Resin bound & loose gravels
  • Wetpour rubber & other safety surfacing


Our AllEdge range provides a high-end finish for garden lawns with a contemporary style and concealed fixings.

AllEdge features a round and square edged profile, allowing you to invert the edging depending on the required finish. You can choose from three fixing stake lengths according to the depth you require. It can be powder-coated to any RAL colour and is very low maintenance, making it very popular for stylish, soft landscape designs.

Contemporary style

Clearly defined borders are easy to define and maintain

Any colour

Can be powder-coated to any RAL colour, for an extra special result

Flexible installation

AllEdge can be hand-formed, and can be supplied with different length fixing stakes


  • Lightweight and robust
  • High quality aluminium alloy
  • Simple and quick to install

Use it with:

  • Fine lawns
  • Gravel paths
  • Other soft landscape edging


Aluminium RoofEdge has vertical perforations, ensuring lateral drainage across roof surfaces and preventing excessive water accumulation. Green roof material is restrained whilst allowing for water drainage.

RoofEdge is available in straight lengths, or in a flexible profile that can be hand-formed to curved shapes on site. RoofEdge can be held in place by adhesive, the weight of the ballast/sedum blanket, or through a welded lap of membrane.

Flexible restraint

The RoofEdge vertical perforations allow for water drainage whilst restraining the green roof material

Flexible profiles

RoofEdge is available in straight lengths, or in a flexible profile that can be hand-formed to curved shapes on site

Flexible fixing

RoofEdge can be held in place by adhesive, the weight of the ballast/sedum blanket, or through a welded lap of membrane


  • Lightweight and robust
  • Versatile
  • High quality aluminium alloy
  • Vertical slots allow lateral drainage
  • Simple and quick to install

Use it with:

  • Intensive green roof projects


Borderline is the steel edging for public realm and other heavy-traffic landscaping projects.

The unique Borderline overlapping joining and fixing system makes it so simple to install, in both rigid or curved boundary lines. It provides very strong and almost invisible connections between sections. Borderline is available in brown, galvanised or untreated mild steel finishes, and can be powder-coated in any RAL colour.


  • Save hours of backbreaking edge maintenance work
  • Flexible and hard-wearing
  • Available in thickness of 2 mm or 3 mm
  • Heavy duty 5 mm version available
  • Standard depths of 100 mm and 150 mm

Use it with:

  • Traditional lawns
  • Kitchen gardens
  • Gravel paths and drives
  • Contemporary gardens
Seamless strength

An almost invisible connection system and strong materials means that high-traffic and public realm projects can have a truly custom design

Thickness options

Available in 2mm or 3mm thickness profiles, or 5mm thickness for really heavy duty requirements

Different finishes

Borderline is available in brown, galvanised or untreated mild steel finishes


Verge is the ultimate edging for strength and durability in prestigious projects.

Verge is available in thicknesses up to 8mm and comes with five 450mm fixing pins to provide a very secure installation. Verge is available in stainless, untreated, Cor-Ten and galvanised finishes, or can be powder-coated to any RAL colour finish.

Ask us about our pre-forming service for circle or symmetrical curved designs.

Also available as bespoke planter walls.

Finish options

Verge is available in stainless, untreated, Cor-Ten and galvanised finishes, or can be powder-coated to any RAL colour finish

True strength

Verge is available in thicknesses up to 8mm and comes with five 450 mm fixing pins to provide a very secure installation

Bespoke fabrication

Where circles or symmetrical curved shapes are required, we recommend utilising our pre-forming service to ensure an accurate result


  • Strong and robust
  • Wide range of sizes and finishes – including CorTen steel
  • Flexible
  • Bespoke design & support

Use it with:

  • Lawn edging
  • Paths/drive edging
  • Total landscape set out


Contour is a heavy duty roll topped steel edging for demanding high traffic projects, such as parks, public realm and building perimeters.

Contour is available in flexible or rigid formats, with a 150mm profile height, in galvanised or CorTen steel. Its stability relies on securing it to a compacted substrate (e.g. MOT Type 1) with 250mm steel spiral fixing stakes.

Contemporary style

Contour is available in a galvanised or CorTen finish


Contour can be used with blocks and pavers, asphalt, concrete, loose gravel and resin bound


Contour is a strong edging solution suitable for heavy duty, high traffic applications


  • Strong and robust
  • Rolled top – no sharp edges
  • Rigid – easily creates straight lines
  • Flexible – suitable for curves
  • Fast simple installation

Use it with:

  • Blocks and Pavers / Asphalt
  • Loose gravel / Blocks and Pavers
  • Imprinted and plain concrete
  • Resin Bound and loose gravel

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ExcelEdge products flexible?

Yes, most of our products can be formed to create curves. For special shapes or complex designs, we recommend using our pre-forming service which is available on some of our aluminium and steel edging products. Some of our very heavy-duty edging may also need some additional equipment to form them into curves.  Please note that the 6mm Verge edging cannot be curved by hand, however we do have the facility in our factory.

I don’t know which type of metal edging to choose; aluminium or steel. Could you please advise me?

Aluminium is a relative newcomer to the landscape edging market whilst steel has been used for many years. Aluminium offers many benefits that are causing more and more people to select it, such as its inherent corrosion resistant properties, its excellent strength to weight ratio and the unique AluExcel design that makes installation so simple.

Steel is still popular – in particular the CorTen® finish.  Steel is a much harder metal than aluminium, sometimes making it the preferred choice where it is raised out of the ground and where is will be exposed to high levels of pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

In many cases it does come down to the finish that is required.  Aluminium finish is silver but this will soften to a subtle grey finish over time.

Does aluminium rust?

No.  Aluminium forms its own oxidization layer over time which will cause it to slightly dull in colour to a subtle grey.

Can I cut your edging products and how?

All our edging can be cut using either an angle grinder with a suitable cutting disc or by using a hacksaw.

Where can I buy ExcelEdge products?

ExcelEdge products are available from stock, direct from Kinley Systems, or through one of our selected distributors or merchants. All the main builder’s merchants have credit accounts with us. We have European distribution centres in France, Germany, Spain, and Scandinavia. European buyers should contact us to obtain details of our nearest European distributor.

Why is ExcelEdge the best choice of edging for my landscape project?

ExcelEdge is the market-leading brand in the UK and Europe, and we offer the widest range of products across aluminium, steel and plastic edging systems. This way, we can offer unbiased advice to provide the best solution for your specific edging applications.

Are ExcelEdge products suitable for hard and soft landscaping?

Yes. For a quick product selection guide please view our interactive edging selector.

What is the minimum advisable radius for curving your edging to?

To curve our edging by hand we advise a minimum radius of approximately 1 – 1.2 metres.  This will depend on the height and thickness of the edging being used. For exact circles or complex shapes contact us by email or on +44(0)1580 830688 for advice on our specialist pre-forming service.

Can't find your answer in the FAQ's?

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